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Faculty of Allied Health Science

Saturday, October 31, 2009

BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Bachelor of Science, in Medical Laboratory Science is a pre registration course designed to produce Medical Laboratory Science graduates. The 4 year curriculum of the MLS degree programme provides a sound scientific foundation for medical laboratory technologies enabling the student to develop competencies necessary for the provision of modern laboratory service for the public.

BSc in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science Nursing Programme is a pre-registration degree course designed to produce nurse practitioners capable of providing safe and effective nursing care of a high standard in a variety of settings such as Generalist nursing, Midwifery nursing, Children's nursing and Community Health Nursing.

BSc in Physiotherapy

The bachelor of physiotherapy programme is a pre-registration degree course. The course is designed to produce physiotherapists capable of providing high standards of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in multiple settings, Sri Lanka or abroad. The course equips the students with current concepts and practice in rapidly advancing branches of allied health sciences.


Pharmacy is the branch of the health science which extends its horizon from raw materials to manufacture of pharmaceuticals to monitoring the reactions by the patients after using the formulation of the same. This includes the following areas in relation to pharmacy: manufacture, quality assurance, research and development, regulatory affairs, hospital and clinical pharmacy, law enforcement and legal proceedings, academia, distribution, marketing, promotion, procurement, storage, community service, providing information and monitoring.

BSc in Radiography/Radiotherapy

Radiographers work in clinical environments using radiation based imaging and therapeutic modalities. This demanding, technical and scientific discipline requires good personal qualities and in return offers a flexible, professional career with a very high level of job satisfaction. Radiography is a career suited to people with an interest in the application of science and technology in a clinical environment.


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